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The CASAMENA Radio Hour returns with host and world reknowned DJ Carlos Mena. Global Soul, Afro-Rhythms and Deep House are served up with passionate commentary. Started in 2007, The CASAMENA Radio Hour, has been known for breaking songs, and introducing new artists in the deep, afro and soulful house scene. Push your headphones in and play it loud! Let's Go!


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Sep 2, 2014

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Marlon D + Jihad Muhammad ft. Rescue Poetix "They Bang/Something Special" (CASAMENA Live edit )
Avicii Lay Me Down (Black Coffee Remix)
Nature's Call (Copyright Come Together Remix)Shaun Escoffery
Oscar P-Swift-The Drum (Oscar P Drummers Mix)
 Atjazz Ft Oveous Maximus "Soldier" (Abicah Soul Mix)
DJ Kemit ft. Eric Roberson "Fortune Teller" (Pablo Martinez Remix)
Djeff Afrozila - Evo 

almost ten years ago

Yes.. as usual Casamena comes up with the treats! Well put together..Thank you

almost ten years ago

Thank you for including "They Bang" in this mix! This entire set is on FIRE!