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The CASAMENA Radio Hour

The CASAMENA Radio Hour returns with host and world reknowned DJ Carlos Mena. Global Soul, Afro-Rhythms and Deep House are served up with passionate commentary. Started in 2007, The CASAMENA Radio Hour, has been known for breaking songs, and introducing new artists in the deep, afro and soulful house scene. Push your headphones in and play it loud! Let's Go!

Dec 14, 2017

It's been a while since I gave you a mix but our friend Nini EternalSol is celebrating 10 Years of EternalSol and I am happy to share with you a special mix I created to celebrate the occasion. Enjoy! 

Jan 15, 2016



Spirits And Smiles Drala
Prayers Doke
Spiritual Blessing (Piano Mix) LayedSoul
Alafia(Cuebur Vocal Spirit Mix) Paul Deep ft. Sheyi
a little something for 2006 David Harness
Spiritually Speaking Glenn Underground
I Feel the Rhythm Ron Trent
Spiritual Nature Justin Imperiale
Insides Fort Romeau 

Jan 5, 2016

Ever since Soundcloud took this 2012 mix down, a few of you have asked me for it.  Here it is, enjoy! 

Oct 16, 2015

Pa' Los Santos

Mixed by Casamena

Pa' Los Santos

 Artwork by Elio Vilva

Mar 27, 2015


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MarcinKrupa- RhodeIsland

OscarP-Swift TheDrum (BennyT-Remix)